Quote of the Day - 2


"It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions."

Jim Rohn


Making fast decisions is one of the principles for success.

It is valid spiritually, but also in business.

Spiritually, if you don't know wether to choose left or right, it really doesn't matter which you choose, as you are not divinely inspired.

The main thing is to keep moving. Do not stand and procrastinate, for that leads nowhere.

The essence of life is to flow.

So don't block the flow, move on and enjoy the process.


Have a great day


Quote Of The Day


"Anyone that ever accomplished anything, did not know how they were going to do it. They only knew they were going to do it."

Bob Proctor
Author and Speaker

Joe Vitale: Plan to Wealth


Joe Vitale's AAA Plan to Wealth


Dissolve the limits within you that stop you from attracting wealth.

The first A is "Already"

You are already wealthy, it just depends who you compare yourself to.
You have to think you deserve it!

All of us have a wealth setpoint, like a weight setpoint, and cannot get any more.
And that's based on your unconscious beliefs.
Keep reviewing and be aware of your beliefs,and if they serve you, you can keep them, but you can also change them so you can go up a level or two.

If you consciously think you want money and love money,but at the same time you also unconsciously think money is bad, evil, rich people are evil, greedy and not likeable, you have a conflict you're not aware of. And usually, the subconscious wins!
The blocks to attracting your own wealth are within you!

If you are thaught it is good to suffer, or it is holy to be poor, I think you'd better stop that. It is just an internal decision when you become aware of these beliefs you were programmed with.
Most of us go on till our deaths never thinking about it.
We complain, we struggle, we say we are victims, we buy lottery tickets.
But if you don't accept you deserve wealth, you'll never win, or if you win you will loose all of your winnings.

All of you right now are keeping yourselves at the wealth level you're at because of your unconscious beliefs.


The second A in the AAA is "Attention"

Awareness is key!
It's paying attention to your beliefs! To your unconscious thought processes.
Question your thoughts.
Your thoughts lead to your emotions, and that leads to your actions.
It's your choice if you take the optimistic or the pessimistic view !
Be aware of what you're thinking. It's not what you say, it's what you think that matters. You can intend and want whatever you want, but if inside your own head you're thinking:
"I'm never gonna do it", "I'm gonna keep saying this out loud until somebody believes me, but I know I'm never gonna do it",  that what you think inside is what's running the show.

Are your beliefs serving you? 
"You have to work hard to get ahead" "Life is a struggle" etc.....
What are the beliefs that keep you at a particular level?
When a belief shows up, just question it. Do I really believe that?
If you don't really believe it, just let that go.
If I say I do believe it, I ask myself: "Why do I believe that?"
Change your beliefs and you get a different reality.


How did I go from having nothing to being rich?
One of the key turning points for me was GRATITUDE
Be grateful for what you have
I was desperate and even suicidal, and people would be standing up there on stage
and say "Be grateful for what you have"
And I would say "The hell! Give me something I can be grateful for!"
"Give me the car, give me the money, and I'll show you I can be grateful! Give it to me!"
That's who I was. And I kept hearing "Be grateful, be grateful" 
and thinking "O, shut up! I don't wanna hear that!"
Until I finally thought maybe I'm gonna try this.
So I picked up a pencil and started thinking what I maybe could be grateful for.
Well, I could be grateful for a pencil, it's a great tool. 
Then I could be grateful for an eraser, also a great tool.
As I began to be grateful, it opened up a window to the divine, to the possibilities
of allowing more.
This is the grand secret:
when you appreciate where you are right now, you move into an energy field
that attracts more to be grateful for. That's why the first A is "Already".


The third A from the triple A to wealth is "Action"


1. Already
2. Awareness

Money likes speed.The universe likes action.
Many people get ideas, my part is to take action on it!
You are supposed to do something.

the only reason you are not taking action on your ideas is fear, 2 kinds of fear:
1 is fear of failure, the other is fear of success

I talked to a millionaire who failed in many businesses. He said:
" I learned one thing in failing so many times. And that is: nothing bad ever happens to you. The world forgets, the world forgives."
The person who gives you the most trouble is you!

Now for fear of success:
"What will other people think,what about taxes, what about freedom ..."
Well, the wealthier I got , the more people I've been able to help, and the more freedom I got.
You can help others because you're ok with success.
You're able to do the greatest things because you embrace success.


I'm sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you
Whatever you feel right now. You might be excited, you might be angry, you may be confused
you may have fears that do come up about success, about money, about attracting wealth
whatever you're feeling, like 
"I want to attract wealth but I don't know how to attract wealth",
"I want to attract wealth but I may have some beliefs that are stopping me from attracting  wealth"
"I want to attract wealth but I don't know what's gonna happen next"
as you feel that, take those feelings up to the divine with the prayer
I'm sorry,I love you, please forgive me, thank you

I am saying please forgive me, I don't know where my beliefs come from, I may not have had anything to do with them being installed
I'm sorry for those, I didn't know.
Thank you for taking care of my life, for the wealth I have right now.
If you can say I love you to the divine, that will melt all of your negative beliefs.
This is what I do all the time.
I love you, please forgive me, I'm sorry, thank you.








When you look at Facebook Ads, you see different parameters as:
Website clicks, cost per website click, campaign reach, frequency, 
total clicks (as to your page but not necessarily on your website link)
click-trough rate and total spent.

I wondered and did some research as to what the optimum Frequency should be, 
before you change your Ad and replace it with a new one.

How many times does something have to be repeated for it to penetrate the consciousness of the average person?
What is the optimum number of times to run an ad on Facebook?

The short answer is:

at least twice, but seven or eight times is optimum.


Even the best ad’s performance will decline over time. 
The smaller your target audience is, the faster this will happen. 
Usually you’ll see your traffic start to drop off in 3-10 days.

When it does, refresh the ads with new images and copy. 
Duplicate your existing ads then change the image and ad text. 
Do not edit the existing ad. 
Delete any existing ads not getting clicks. 
By the next day, you’ll see the new ads accruing impressions and clicks.



Brand Marketing

For Brand Marketing, Reach and frequency, not engagement, are the social metrics you should care about.
For brand marketing, reaching the right number of consumers at the right frequency is more important than driving engagement.
Findings from a recent Facebook study have also proven the brand value of online reach and frequency. 
The research demonstrated that 99 percent of sales generated from online branding ad campaigns were from people that saw, but did not interact with, ads. 
While optimizing for effective frequency saw a 40 percent increase in Return on investment with the same budget.



Let your Ads reach a frequency of 8
If you want to promote your Brand instead of just your opportunity, the higher frequency is even more important.
Advertising frequency ensures your message will stick.
Increasing your audience (reach) is also very important.





An important life lesson :-)}...


An important life lesson :-)}
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